At NuroKor Equine we strive to keep you well informed about our advanced microcurrent technology, and how it can help ensure the best possible outcome for your horse/s.

Bioelectrical engineering is our passion and we pride ourselves on the scientific integrity of our technology. The Equipod was developed from a foundation of; knowledge, bioelectronic expertise, and true passion for equine healthcare. This has enabled us to produce the most advanced, evidence based microcurrent formulations to incorporate into our easy to use, app driven device.

Over the last few years the conversation around microcurrent stimulation has shifted from ‘does it work?’ to ‘how best can it work?’ and ‘what are the optimal parameters?’. Understanding multi-frequency microcurrent can go a long way to answering some of these important questions…


With microcurrent stimulation, there are many different electrical and waveform parameters that can be adapted, controlled and formulated for certain purposes and intended outcomes. There are variations in current amplitude and most devices utilize a current between 0-500 microamps (µA). One of the most significant factors which has been shown to induce some of the different therapeutic effects of microcurrent is the Frequency (hz).

Over the last few decades the benefits of different frequencies have been widely reported within the International Frequency Specific Microcurrent Movement, and across a large range of published papers and scientific literature. Despite this, most pre-programmed microcurrent devices only provide single frequency microcurrent. This means, while there are changes in the current amplitude, all other parameters, including the frequency, remain the same. This can limit personalisation of treatment and explains why single frequency microcurrent will only work for some horses, some of the time.

The EquiPod difference.

Some frequency-specific devices do allow for frequency changes but these require expertise, manual operation and often have practical limitations. In contrast, NuroKor Equine has applied a vast amount of research into establishing which frequencies yield particular benefits, and these have been sequentially formulated into our treatment programs.

Each treatment phase aims to provide a different therapeutic outcomes, in order to provide multiple benefits and advantages within each PROGRAM. This cannot be achieved from using other basic forms of microcurrent which are limited to single frequencies. The EquiPod is the only equine device that provides advanced multi-frequency microcurrent in all of its treatment programs. These have been formulated into the EquiPod app for three distinct purposes:




The microcurrent formulations are PROGRAM specific in order to ensure that optimal microcurrent parameters are being applied for each intended outcome. This enables the EquiPod to provide the most advanced multi-frequency microcurrent for your horse/s.


Special Pre-order Price

ONLY $749.00

The EquiPod Complete System is an easy to use, app controlled and portable therapeutic system for your horse. The EquiPod Utilizes an advanced form of microcurrent stimulation which aims to augment and enhance the recovery of horses suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions.


The EquiPod Bluetooth mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It is intuitive, simple to use and designed to help you get the most out of your device and time.

Features include:

• Ability to pair to multiple devices at any one time, enabling simultaneous treatments for multiple horses.

• Battery level indicator for each paired device.

• Push notifications to let you know when the treatment session is finished.

• Three unique programs, with a choice of treatment time durations.