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(Pre order for March 2022 delivery) The EquiPod Leg Strap has been ergonomically designed to comfortably secure the EquiPod in a number of locations, specifically designed for the fore and hind legs, and above and below the knee. This enable an extended number of direct applications. The EquiPod leg straps are considered to be a consumable item.

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The EquiPod Leg Strap

(Pre order for March 2022 delivery)

The EquiPod KorWrap strap has been designed to comfortably secure the EQUIPOD device to both the fore and hind legs. Soft integrated conductive pads placed either side of the horse’s leg enables better targeting and penetration of the microcurrent.

The KorWrap requires EquiPod Conductive Gel for connectivity.

( EquiPod device not included)

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Weight 0.8 lbs


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