While horses do react situationally to stressors, if you find your horse suddenly stressed for no apparent reason, or seemingly chronically stressed, then it’s important to look at the underlying cause. Most often: pain.

At MyEUSA, we believe whole-heartedly in the EquiPod Therapy System. The NuroKor EquiPod Therapy System utilizes patented microcurrent technology to address pain and stress in all breeds of horses.

Pain can be tricky to diagnose in a horse since they are unable to verbalize what’s wrong with them. They may not show you the glaring signs such as limping around, or laying down, but instead have more subtle ways of telling you they are hurting and, in turn, stressed.

Signs of acute stress in your horse may include any of the following: sweating despite being in a cool environment, teeth grinding, pacing/restlessness, frequent bowel movements or loose stools or frequent urination, groaning or yawning, dullness in eyes, sudden lameness, fever and elevated heart rate, or behavioral changes.

Chronic stress can include any of the above in addition to: gastric ulcers, weakened immune system, weight loss, hair loss, loss of appetite, or changes in hoof and coat.

At MyEUSA, we understand how important it is to properly diagnose pain and stress in your horse. If the cause of pain is not immediately clear, always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian. The Equipod Therapy System, delivers safe and effective microcurrent in an ultra-wearable, lightweight device that can be used virtually anywhere on a horse’s body. This allows you to work directly with your vet to provide the best possible care for your horse. The EquiPod mobile app allows you to track treatment progress for each horse.

So, you may be wondering what exactly microcurrent is and why it’s helpful for pain and stress in horses? Great questions.

Microcurrent therapy (MCT), is an alternating or direct current between <1 μA and 500 μA. The EquiPod utilizes a patented form of multi-frequency microcurrent to aid pain management and rehabilitation. Rather than using a single base form of microcurrent, the device formulates intricate sequencing into 3 separate applications: Repair and Recovery, Pain Management, and Maintenance and Well-Being.

Using EquiPod’s mobile app, these modes can easily be applied to your horse via the electrode gel pads, KorBand, or KorWrap. The EquiPod app collects live feedback on the current treatment and can store data for each horse in the barn.

By providing a horse with this form of MCT, their ATP production increases, leading to a significant decrease in inflammation. In doing so, pain levels are decreased and stress is managed. Like humans, horses have D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness) from their rigorous exercises. Microcurrent flushes out the lactic acid which speeds tissue recovery and muscle growth, further relieving stress due to strenuous workouts.

NuroKor ® has developed patented microcurrent technology with the following to say, “We apply the research to the real world. From evidence based reviews, we distill the full range of uses for bioelectrical medicine and electrotherapy into specific frequency and waveform treatment formulations. These formulations are then programmed into simple to understand applications, in easy to use NuroKor devices [such as the EquiPod Therapy System].”

Not all MCT devices are the same! What sets the Equipod Therapy System apart from other MCT devices?

Most pre-programmed microcurrent devices only provide single frequency microcurrent. This means, while there are changes in the current amplitude, all other parameters, including the frequency, remain the same. This can limit personalization of treatment and explains why single frequency microcurrent will only work for some horses, some of the time.

The Equipod Therapy System combines app driven software with the most advanced microcurrent treatment formulations. Enhancing equine recovery, managing pain, and promoting peak performance through wellness.

By using the EquiPod Therapy System, you can restore well-being and peace of mind to you and your horse. It is our goal at MyEUSA, as the primary USA EquiPod distributor, to provide you with access to the complete NuroKor Equipod Therapy System.

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The EquiPod Complete System is an easy to use, app controlled and portable therapeutic system for your horse. The EquiPod Utilizes an advanced form of microcurrent stimulation which aims to augment and enhance the recovery of horses suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions.

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