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Equipod – FAQS2022-04-07T19:19:37+00:00


What is the EquiPod most commonly used for?2022-03-17T10:30:17+00:00

The EquiPod Utilizes an advanced form of microcurrent stimulation which aims to augment and enhance the recovery of horses suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions. The ‘Repair & Recovery’ PROGRAM can be used for most types of injury e.g. ligament, tendon, bone, joint, soft tissue, skin etc. This can be used in combination with the ‘Pain Management’ PROGRAM as a more natural alternative approach to keeping your horse more comfortable during their recovery or in response to other causes of pain and discomfort.

The EquiPod also has a ‘Maintenance & Wellbeing’ PROGRAM which can be used to help promote general health and functional wellbeing. Any equine can benefit from a routine maintenance PROGRAM, however, older horses and those with moderate to high activity levels may benefit the most.

How quickly will I see results with an injury?2022-03-17T10:30:17+00:00

The phase of recovery for each horse will be different depending on many factors, including the type, location and severity of the injury, the horse’s age, and overall health. However, by incorporating regular treatments from the EquiPod to your horses recovery PROGRAM, some notable benefits and improvements can be found within the first few weeks. EquiPod aims to facilitate healing, accelerate recovery and support the cellular processes needed for quality repair of the soft tissues. These are cumulative benefits which can be gained from the first day of using the EquiPod.

What does the horse feel when using the EquiPod?2022-03-17T10:30:17+00:00

Microcurrent is sub-sensory meaning that it cannot be felt as the current is below the sensory threshold. Microcurrent falls within the microamp range, which is one millionth of an amp. Stronger currents that stimulate the nerves do not provide the same intended benefits, and have different applications. Even the most sensitive of horses can generally tolerate microcurrent incredibly well. It’s sub-sensory nature makes it much easier to apply than many other therapies and interventions.

Can the EquiPod be used in conjunction with other types of treatment, therapies and medications?2022-03-17T10:30:17+00:00

Microcurrent therapy is not known to interact or adversely affect any other treatment, therapy or medication. However, we do not recommend using some therapy devices such as magnetic boots in close proximity to the EquiPod, as this may affect the electrical components of the system. Furthermore, when multiple interventions are being used together it can be difficult to ascertain which therapy is making a positive difference and to what extent. Many people have also chosen to use the EquiPod before trying more invasive approaches, as a successful outcome may help to avoid such invasive and expensive treatments.

Can I use the EquiPod on humans?2022-08-17T14:11:32+00:00

We do not recommend that the EquiPod is used on humans. Information relating to the latest technology for humans can be found in our Human Prouct Range

Is microcurrent safe, and are there any known side effects?2022-03-17T10:30:17+00:00

Microcurrent is generally regarded as a safe treatment with no known side effects reported in any scientific literature.

Can the EquiPod be used as a replacement for veterinary treatment?2022-03-17T10:30:17+00:00

The EquiPod should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care or practice. The EquiPod can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment, and is not a replacement for seeking appropriate veterinary advice.

How long does each treatment take?2022-03-17T10:30:18+00:00

The EquiPod is able to deliver a full treatment of advanced microcurrent within 1 hour. Better yet, if you don’t have time to do a full hour, the treatment durations can be chosen using the mobile app, allowing you to squeeze in extra treatments during shorter yard visits.


Do I need to use the EquiPod conductive gel?2022-03-17T10:34:28+00:00

We recommend using the EquiPod conductive gel for each treatment. The amount of gel required will depend on the length and thickness of the hair. In most instances, it is not necessary to trim or clip the hair. The gel acts as a conduit across the hair ensuring that there is sufficient conductivity between the electrode pad and horses skin. We do not recommend that any other gel is used in conjunction with the EquiPod system.

How often can I use the EquiPod?2022-03-17T10:34:24+00:00

During the initial treatment protocol we recommend using the EquiPod for a minimum of 1-hour each day. Each PROGRAM provides an hour of continuous microcurrent, and can be repeated twice a day if desired. If using the EquiPod for prolonged periods of time please ensure the following;

The straps must not be overtightened. The pads only require a light, even pressure to maintain good connectivity.Ensure that the contact area of the pads and the surface of the skin is clean, dry and free of contaminants before using the EquiPod.After each treatment ensure the area of the skin where the gel has been applied is gently washed and dried.Do not use the EquiPod for more than 4 hours each day and remove after use.

For maintenance purposes the EquiPod can be used as often as required, depending on the ongoing needs of each horse. Older horses suffering from degenerative conditions such as arthritis may benefit from more regular treatments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Can I use the Equipod whilst the horse has wet coat or leg hair?2022-03-17T10:34:21+00:00

The hair must be dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. If the hair is wet it may prevent the current from travelling across the skin.

How do I know that the EquiPod has a good connection and is working properly?2022-03-17T10:34:18+00:00

Once the EquiPod has been activated using the mobile app, the countdown timer will show that the PROGRAM has started. The flashing LED light on the EquiPod device will also indicate that a connection has been established and is being maintained.

Can I use the EquiPod in the field?2022-03-17T10:34:13+00:00

Some people do use the EquiPod in the field, however as with any electrical device it must be fully protected from dust and moisture. Loss or accidental damage sustained to the device is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, the use of the device in the field is solely at the risk of the EquiPod owner.

Can I leave the EquiPod on overnight?2022-03-17T10:34:09+00:00

We do not recommend the EquiPod being used overnight, as any device that is attached for prolonged periods of time may start to rub or cause irritation. Furthermore, unattended use of the device overnight could also lead to damage to the device which would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I use the EquiPod whilst my horse travels?2022-03-17T10:34:06+00:00

Yes, the EquiPod is often used on travelling horses, especially across long distances. Many have reported that it helps to reduce stiffness. This can be used to help your horse to arrive feeling at their best, or as a way to start early post-competition recovery on the return journey.

Can the EquiPod mobile app be used with iOS and Android, and how do I download it?2022-03-17T10:34:02+00:00

The EquiPod app is available for both iOS and Android Devices. The EquiPod app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) CLICK HERE and the Apple App Store (iOS) CLICK HERE.

Do I have to use the EquiPod mobile app in conjunction with the EquiPod device?2022-03-17T10:33:58+00:00

The EquiPod mobile app has been designed to provide useful, real-time information about the treatments being given whilst improving the ease of use and user experience with the EquiPod device. However, if your mobile phone has run out of battery or isn’t to hand, the EquiPod device can be activated manually by simply using the buttons on the device.

Why does the EquiPod communicate via Bluetooth rather than WIFI?2022-03-17T10:33:54+00:00

Currently, there is no sufficient evidence to support the safety of WIFI transmitting or receiving devices used in close proximity to the body. As the level of risk has not been well established for humans, NuroKor Equine retains the same safety standards for equines. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity also reduces the possibility of app-device connectivity issues, as the EquiPod Bluetooth is not reliant on short range WIFI or mobile data internet which can be problematic in some areas.


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Do you have an EquiPod rental service?2022-03-17T10:32:21+00:00

There are a number of approved equine professionals throughout the UK that provide a rental service for the EquiPod. For more information relating to your local EquiPod rental provider, or if you are interested in becoming a EquiPod rental provider yourself please contact info@myeusa.com.

Do I have to register my EquiPod device for the 2 year warranty?2022-03-17T10:32:21+00:00

All EquiPod devices that are purchased directly from the website will automatically be registered with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Devices purchased from events, exhibitions, and retailers can be registered here. Please note the warranty does not cover accidental damage.If devices become accidentally damaged during the warranty period you may be eligible for the ‘Discounted Replacement’ service. In such instances please contact info@myeusa.com.

How long will it take for my EquiPod to arrive (USA only)?2022-03-17T10:32:21+00:00

Orders are normally dispatched between 1-2 working days, and are sent via tracked and recorded delivery. Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery within the USA.

What is your returns and refund policy?2022-03-17T10:32:21+00:00

You may cancel or return your order from the day you place the order until 30 days after the receipt of the ordered items. If you have been charged for the items, you will receive a refund including the standard delivery costs, providing the items are returned in the original packaging and all items are in satisfactory condition. Should you choose to keep certain items and only partially cancel your order, the delivery cost will not be refunded. The full refund policy can be requested from info@myeusa.com


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