Let’s face it, horses are accident prone. It’s rather alarming that 1000 lbs or more of body weight are being supported by 4 stick limbs. And, unsurprising, how often horses sustain soft tissue injuries and tears, especially in their legs. Though wounds can happen anywhere, leaving a horse owner to scour the pasture in search of the mystical object that lacerated their horse’s rump.

Maybe you’ve got a wound-care routine or device already. Something tried and trusted. But what if there was something even better? Something you could add to your current protocol that addresses not only the wound healing time but pain associated with it.

At MyEUSA, we believe the NuroKor EquiPod Therapy System can significantly speed wound recovery time using patented microcurrent technology. Save money and time by utilizing the EquiPod’s easy to use Therapy System. Less pain and downtime for your horse means more peace of mind for you.

Wound care, in all its gory glory, is an unfortunate common incident that can be costly and time consuming. In keeping with best practices, you will still need to work closely with your veterinarian to keep the wound clean and free from infection, both locally and systemically. But let’s talk about how the EquiPod Therapy System can speed recovery time!

The EquiPod utilizes a patented form of multi-frequency microcurrent to aid in wound and pain management and rehabilitation. Rather than using a single form of microcurrent that doesn’t work on every horse every time, the EquiPod Therapy System formulates intricate sequencing into 3 separate applications: Repair and Recovery, Pain Management, and Maintenance and Well-Being. Using the EquiPod mobile app, these modes can easily be applied. The app also collects live feedback on the current treatment and can store data for each horse in the barn.

By providing a horse with this form of Microcurrent, their ATP production increases, leading to a significant decrease in inflammation and increase in tissue repair in every horse, every time. Tissue recovery and wound closure is significantly enhanced using this method. 

There are also wounds that are highly unresponsive to conventional treatments using ointments, wraps, and medications alone. This is absolutely when you should consider alternative treatments such as microcurrent. However, not all microcurrent devices are the same!

Most pre-programmed microcurrent devices only provide single frequency microcurrent. This means, while there are changes in the current amplitude, all other parameters, including the frequency, remain the same. This can limit personalization of treatment and explains why single frequency microcurrent will only work for some horses, some of the time.

The Equipod Therapy System combines app driven software with the most advanced microcurrent treatment formulations. Enhancing equine recovery, managing pain, and promoting peak performance through wellness.

There are a number of known localized benefits that can be gained from applying microcurrent stimulation close to the affected area. These include:

  • Reduction of inflammation and associated pain.
  • Increased production of ATP
  • Increased ionic flow and cell membrane transport.
  • Restoration of bioelectrical potentials within damaged tissues.
  • Accelerated tissue healing.

By using the EquiPod Therapy System, you can restore well-being and peace of mind to you and your horse faster than ever. It is our goal at MyEUSA, as the primary USA EquiPod distributor, to provide you with access to the complete NuroKor Equipod Therapy System. 

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The EquiPod Complete System is an easy to use, app controlled and portable therapeutic system for your horse. The EquiPod Utilizes an advanced form of microcurrent stimulation which aims to augment and enhance the recovery of horses suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions.

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